Construction Work Packages



Services will use our experience to develop the set of documents needed to be the basis of Construction Tasks for you to use on your specific Project. A Package Template will be tailored to your specific needs with Logo's of your company and if partnering with another company, your Client. The content of the package will incorporate your and your client’s specific safety JSA's and references to their specifications. The template will be made available in Microsoft Excel format. Drawings will be annotated in color as PDF's, Photos will be annotated in Excel. These documents are able to be E-mailed anywhere in the world. This Template will be the base form package for all of your Projects individual tasks. will either use your design drawings and information and create individual Work Packages or supply on site training in the preparation and production of Project CWP's. We will provide a complete service and produce the Work Packages for you or we will instruct your team on the use of the Work Package as a construction tool. We will produce or train your team in the assembly of the packages and how to provide annotated photo's and annotate your drawings which can accurately describe the work to be performed. Procedure formatting and task predecessor detailing are essential in the development of your Project so that the correct materials are on your site when required by your construction schedule. will provide follow up counsel to assist you in the continued development of your Project.
If your Project requires additional Engineering Services we have access to a Houston based Engineering Firm with experience and capabilities world wide.

The following two pages are provided as examples of part of a template. The Title page has extensive information relating to the specific details of your Project. Material requirements ensure that the physical needs of the construction are met. Photo's can be annotated to give direction and detail. Standard pages in the template are: Title page, Document Index, Materials, Procedure, JSA, LO/TO and Photo's. All of the pages can be formatted to your custom direction. A pack will be developed for each portion of work. Depending on the scale of your project the packs can range from a handful to dozens of separate packs. Whatever the need, a sequence of work will be established to accurately detail your work. Success is born in accurate planning. A Construction Work Package System  increases your ability to create a successful Project flow.

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