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The term Construction Work Package (CWP) is well known and accepted in Industry. The Work Package is not a new concept. Construction Work Packages have developed in an environment where there are many different types of construction that have different needs. The basic premise of work packaging is the idea that all aspects of a Project are broken down into well-defined manageable pieces (A Work Package) that can be executed, budgeted, measured and controlled. The accurate planning ultimately causes a smooth flow of work as your Project Phases go to the field for installation.

A CWP as a final tool  is considered to be a construction deliverable. However it has greater application if developed during the front end of the Engineering phase. The CWP should be developed in conjunction with the path of construction so that the sequence of the Engineering and Procurement deliverables can support Construction requirements before the work gets to the field. This ensures the correct materials will be purchased and shipped on site at the time your schedule dictates. In addition if the work applies to the Gulf of Mexico, you will have documents eligible for review by the US Coast Guard and BSEE.
CWP’s include a description of the work, a list of drawings and materials or equipment to be installed, reference drawings such as P&ID’s, specifications and Isometrics, safety requirements and or JSA sheets, Lock out Tag out information and annotated photo’s if available. The individual packs are sequenced according to the Project schedule. These are the tools that ensure the construction personnel have the best planning support possible.

Joe Giesler has over thirty five years of construction, design, coordination and management experience in the Oil and Gas Industries. His Experience is related to on and offshore design, Project Coordination and Construction having extensive background in the production and implementation of Engineering/Construction Work Packages for Oil and Gas Projects in the Gulf of Mexico and Africa.

At we offer to fully develop a custom package using your design drawings. If you would prefer in house production and you may have an inexperienced team, we will train your Project Team in the production and implementation of the Construction Work Package Process.

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